Battle Locations

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Achaelos's Cloister
Ada Razorwhip's Tomb
Aiuchi's Hideout
Akilles' Tower
Akori's Chamber
Alchemist Kepi's Lab
Aleksi's Tower
Amedras's Tower
Amphibaton's Asylum
Amy Brooks' Place
Angoro's Tower
Ashikata's Lair
Asrik's Cave


Barca's Tower
Bastilla's Bastion
Battlegloom's Cave
Belloq's Tent
Big Ben
Bird Gate
Biti's Chamber
Black Annie's Hut
Black Widow's Tower
Blackmane's Cave
Boggy Cave
Bolu Bigfist's Hut
Boulderbone's Cave
Brick's Warehouse
Briny Cave
Briskbreeze Tower
Bristleclaw's Cave
Broken Tower


Calypso's Cavern
Captain Jonah
Captain's Chamber
Cave of Anguish
Cavern of Broken Virtues
Chamber of the Basilisk
Chamber of the Charmed
Chamber of the Chosen
Champion's Chamber
Charmtooth's Lair
Chronius' Tower
Conal's Cave
Coral Castle
Counterweight East
Counterweight West
Coven House
Crimson Fields
Crystal Reactor
Crystal Storage
Crystal Tower (Celestia)
Crystal Tower (Dragonspyre)
Crystal Tower (Wysteria)


Dark Knight's Lair
Deep One's Cave
Dhakir Bloodthorn's Tomb
Diabhal Cave
Djeserit Burial Chamber
Do-Daga's Dojo
Dragon's Maw
Drake's Cavern
Dread Keep
Drek's Cave
Drum House
Dun Scaith
Duskweb's Barracks
Dustwraith's Cave


Edo's Chamber
Edrik's Vault
Eel Cave
Elephant Barge
Emberlight's Tower
Emperor's Retreat
Emperor's Throne Room
Erling's Cave
Eurgh's Tower
Everburn's Tower


Feva's Hideout
Fire-Spitter's Lair
Fireglobe Theatre
Firewing Tower
First Hut
First Safehouse
Flamewind Tower
Flamewing's Tower
Fleshless Tower
Fleshrender's Cave
Forest Spirit Shrine
Forlorn Tower
Forlorn Tower (Avalon)
Freddy's Clocktower
Frostbranch's Cave
Frostmantle's Chamber


Gahlwok's Lair
Gate Control Room
Gerda's Tower
Gherruld's Tomb
Ghost Avalon
Ginther's House
Gnar's Cave
Gobblestone Castle
Greebly's Garrison
Greyscale's Tower
Greystone's Castle
Grignr's Cave
Grimaldi's Cave
Grisletusk's Quarterage
Groostak's Lair
Gullin's Cave
Gurz's Cave


Halfang's Cave
Hall of Glory
Hall of Time
Hall of Valor
Hall of the Gorgon
Hall of the Harpy
Hall of the Hydra
Hallowe'en Adept Tower
Hallowe'en Apprentice Tower
Hallowe'en Master Tower
Hammar's Hideout
Harek the Lean's Cave
Harlequin Tower
Hart's Hideaway
Harvest House
Helgrind Warren
Herkir's Cave
Hexfin's Hideout
Hingen's Hideout
Hod's Cave
Homunculus' Tower
Hourglass Chamber
Hrefna's Cave
Hyde Fraternity House
Hyglak's Cave


Iceclaw's Cavern
Icepick Warehouse
Ildrede's Warren
Ingram's Abode
Ironsplinter's Forest


Jabberwock's Lair
Jacques' Hideout
Jata's Cave
Jikiru's Hideout
Jorda's Cave
Jungle Clearing


Kallah Silverback's Shack
Kanago's Dojo
Karanahn Palace
Karl's Cove
Katzenstein's Lab
Keep of Ganelon
Kensington Park
Ketil Blackheart's Cave
Khai Tengri's Dojo
Khai's Trophy Room
Kiathi Nightrunner's Cave
King's Court
King's Tomb
Knowledge Keeper's Vault
Kol's Quarters
Kormak's Cave
Koto's Dojo
Kraysys' Tower
Kyanite Tower
Kyuto's Dojo


Lady Blackhope's Tower
Lair of Eyus Maximus
Lair of Taskmaster Djal
Lair of the Bane Wyrm
Library Archives
Lonely Tower
Lord Bramble's Tower
Lord Obsidian's Tomb


Magician's Hut
Magni's Tower
Maito's Dojo
Malgrin's Tower
Mander Trophy Room
Market Tower
Milaka Jewelbender's House
Milaka Jewelbender's Tower
Mirror Lake
Misemo's Retreat
Moon Gate
Moonstrider Guard's Cave
Moonstrider Watcher's Cave
Moonwraith's Tower
Morag Bloodtine's House
Mord's Abode
Mord's Manor
Mordecai's Tower
Morn's Tower


Mugsy's Lair
Munin's House
Murat Greyeyes' Tomb
Mysterious Cave
Mysterious Well


Nali's Cave
Nathi's Clearing
Nebit's Chamber
Nekhbet's Chamber
Nellek's Sanctum
Nemean Rock
Nightreaver's Lair
Nosebiter's Hideout
Nuncio's Crag


O'Leary's Tower
Oakheart's Lair
Odji's Chamber
Ogun Daggertooth's Hut
Optio Agenor's Camp
Optio Verdis' Veranda
Ormund the Surly's House
Oskar's Tower
Osvud's Cave
Otto's Cave
Outside Dome
Overlook Tower
Overseer's Tower
Oya Bloodstorm's Cave


Petrov's Tower
Poisoned Well
Prison Tower
Pyromancer's Tomb


Quartermaster's Dojo
Quartermaster's Lair
Queen Elissa's Tomb
Queen Tanei Ghostmane's Cave


Ragnar's Cave
Ranzan's Jungle Clearing
Raven Fortress
Raven Tower
Ravenscar Jail
Red Thorn Tower
Ricimer Flavel's Cave
Rotunda Chateau
Royal Palace
Ruined Tower
Ruined Tower (Avalon)


Sammy's Clocktower
Sapphyra's Tower
Scavenged Tomb
Second Hut
Second Safehouse
Secure House
Senate Chamber
Seravin's Tower
Shadowriver's Cave
Shai's Chamber
Shattertusk's Hut
Shining Mountain
Shirataki Temple
Shrine of the Body
Shrine of the Mind
Shrine of the Spirit
Skathi's Nest
Skellek's Fort
Skull Fort
Skythorn Tower
Snake Gate
Sorcerer's Sanctum
Soul Chamber
Soultearer's Cave
Spearcaller's Tower
Spider Hive
Spider's Lair
Spiny Spriggan's House
Spiritcrusher's Tomb
Spiritwalker's Cave
Starkwave's Lair
Stone Town Barge
Stonebreaker's Fort
Storm Chamber (Krokotopia)
Storm Chamber (Wizard City)
Stormdrain Tower
Stormriven Temple
Sun Gate
Sunken City
Sveipr's Cave
Sworn Tower
Sylvia Drake's Tomb
Sysiphan's Tower


Tamauji's Dojo
Tangleroot's Grove
Temple of Fire
Temple of Storms
Thawlk's Cave
The Barbican
The Bonekeeper's Crypt
The Cave of Night
The Chancel
The Crown of Fire
The Grand Chasm Past
The Great Spyre
The Great Spyre (Lower)
The Great Spyre (Upper)
The Harvest Lord's Tower
The Howling Cave
The Ironworks
The Labyrinth
The Lightning Lizard Cave
The Lost Abbey
The Lunarium
The Path of Scales
The Portico
The Stellarium
The Vault of Ice
Third Safehouse
Throne Room of Fire
Thundercrown's Tower
Thurnir's Cave
Tik-tik's Hut
Tomb of the Beguiler
Tomb of the Nameless
Tower of Absolute Being
Tower of Belle Regard
Tower of Knowledge
Tower of War
Tower of the Blue Dahlia
Tower of the Helephant
Town Dojo
Training Dojo
Tree of Life
Trial of the Spheres


Underground Cave
Unused Vault
Usegi's Dojo


Vault 1933
Vesna's Lair
Vesta Shadowmark's Tower
Vestri's Hall
Vigrid Roughland Crypt
Vognir's Cave
Volcano Elevator
Volkir Rimeaxe's Crag


Warehouse (Hyde Park)
Warehouse (Spiral Geographic)
Waterfall Cave
Well of Urd
White Owl Tower
White Tower
Wildcrag's Hideout
Wildroot's Lair
Willie's Clocktower
Winterdeep Warren
Wizard Tower
Wolf Palace
Wormguts' Stronghold


Yeva Spiderkeeper's Tower


Zafaria Student Dormitory
Zarathax's Tower

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