Legend has it that Flotsam was founded when two rival pirate crews fought an epic battle, only to realize that their cannons had ruined both sets of sails. Lashed together, the two boats became a lifeboat and then a refuge for the stranded crews. The crews banded together to survive, and in time their floating wreck became a new home - more ships were lashed to the wrecked hulks, and a sprawling city if timber and plank sprung up, one of the most amazing sights in the Spiral.

The pirates of Flotsam took up gentler trades, and the place soon became famous as a market where captains could buy or sell goods from just about anywhere, without paying taxes to some distant king. The pirate crews that terrorized Skull Island and broke the power of the Sharks called Flotsam home, and to this day pirates and villains who need a place to hide vanish into Flotsam's bewildering maze of decks and cabins. Captain Avery's grand experiment in Skull Island Town has diminished Flotsam's influence somewhat, but the place remains a true pirate haven, when scoundrels and scallywags gather in pride.


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