Jonah Town

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A Whale of a Town!

This wonder of the Spiral is named for its founder, Captain Jonah, a Pelican whose last name is lost to history. The unluckiest pirate in the history of Skull Island, Jonah Town was founded when Jonah climbed out of the blowhole of a mighty Sky Whale, nearly two years after that whale had swallowed his ship, the Albatross. Superstitious to the end, Jonah refused to leave the whale - he'd been lucky (for once in his life) to survive, and refused to jinx it by abandoning the beast.

Some say he and the Whale struck up a friendship - it certainly never objected to Jonah's presence, even when the old pirate built a shack on its back out of driftwood. Over time various renegades and vagabonds joined the old pirate, and soon an entire town sprang up, made of debris and jetsam. Jonah Town is now a sleepy fishing town, where Pelican fishermen make a living from the bounty of the skies. The whale is always on the move: Jonah Town has drawn many inhabitants who want to get away from their former lives, or hide from their enemies.

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