Mini Games

When you're not out questing on the open Skyway, try your hand at some of our Pirate101 mini games! You can win
cool items for your Pirate or Ship, and have a lot of fun with these mini Pirate games. The mini games are located
on the Skull Island fort by the carnival wagon as well as on other worlds!


Match Coins to Win

Pirate treasure coins are stacked in a confusing mass, and you need to clear away as many coins as possible so the stack doesn't raise above the foul line!

Basic Coin Drop Gameplay

Drop Pirate bounty coins with the game claw
Match coins in groups of three of a kind or more to earn points
Hurry to match many coins before the coin platform raises above the foul line


Dish Out Yum!

In this mini game, it's a race to the end of your shift as you serve up cold frothy glasses of Yum to impatient Pirates.

Basic Pirate's Pub Gameplay

Pass a glass of Yum to each Pirate in line
Collect maximum tips in the allotted time to win
Be careful not to break glasses by sending them down empty bars
Don't make the Pirates wait too long or they get upset!


Defend Your Tower!

Shoot back enemies and keep your tower standing as long as you can in this action packed mini game!

Basic Powder Keg Gameplay

Protect your tower from monsters & Pirates
Don't let the enemies get to you
Get bonus points for accuracy
Collect treasure from fallen enemies


Shoot Rats!

Control an infestation of pesky rats with your powerful cannon in this fast paced Pirate mini game.

Basic Rat Attack Gameplay

Blast away rats from the ship deck with your cannon
Avoid hitting charging rats & spiders who lay down barrels to get in your way
Use special rapid fire missiles to clear the ship
Attack with special items like Scatter Shells, Sidewinder Shells, Explosive Shells and many more!


Perfect Your Aim

Get your target practice in by shooting Pirate cut-outs with this first person shooter mini game!

Basic Rogue's Range Gameplay

Shoot Pirate cut outs in the shooting range
Make sure you don't fire on friendly allies
Shoot gems to get bonus points


Fly Your Ship!

The Skyway can be a busy place, as you see by having to avoid enemies and blasting cannons in the Windjammer mini game.

Basic Windjammer Gameplay

Navigate your ship through hostile territory
Use cannons to destroy enemy ships and obstacles
Avoid bumping into ships and objects
Use special steam boosts to burst ahead

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