Puerto Mico

Monquista's Hub on Skull Island

A bustling, thriving city, Puerto Mico is the center of Monquista's influence in Skull Island, and the Monkey's most successful colony. The plundered gold that turned Monquista into an imperial power flows through Puerto Mico, as do huge shipments of fruit and water, bound for the Monquistan homeland. Traders from all ports are welcome in Puerto Mico, though enterprising captains should be advised that Puerto Mican merchants are sometimes inclined to have entire cargoes confiscated as "contraband" rather than jeopardize their profits in trading with "hairless outsiders."

Puerto Mico's lush climate ample supplies of food and water make the city a far more pleasant place to live than the dusty, arid cities of Monquista. Many a disgraced nobleman has come to find their exile to a disgraceful post out in the hinterlands to be a blessing in disguise. But Monquistan politics can cast a shadow even here, far from the Royal Court: the joke in the marketplace is that Puerto changes Governors more frequently than the Queen changes ball gowns.


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