Schools of Magic

Schools are the 7 different kinds of magic. Fire, Ice and Storm are the Elemental Schools. Myth, Life and Death are the Spiritual Schools, while Balance is a bit of everything. Each school has its ups and downs, different spells, varying popularity levels and effectiveness. There really is no right or wrong

Origin of Magic (taken from

No one is completely sure where magic comes from, nor how long it has been a part of the world.

The only thing we do know is that magic comes from different sources. There are six schools of magic and one other school that draws upon the other six.

Although magic existed before the written word, it derives from well-known sources. The magic of Fire, Ice, and Storms comes from ancient Titans that ruled the world in the Days Before. The magic of Myth, Life, and Death comes from the power of the mind, body, and spirit of the Wizard casting them. The magic of Balance combines all of them.

Each school of magic is very different and has its own philosophy, rhythm, and nature that combine with the elements of the universe.


The School Of Fire

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School Wizards Teacher Plus Minus Colors Stone Tree
Fire Pyromancers Dalia Falmea Damage Over Time Spells (dots) Second Lowest Health Red and Orange Ruby Bernie

Famous Pyromancers

William Shakespeare
Emperor Nero

“If the Mind is like a candle, the Heart is like the sun.”

Fire is passion, the bright, burning flame of raw emotion sweeping over everything. Those who follow the School of Fire, known as Pyromancers, are tempestuous, quick to anger, and consumed by whatever drives them at that moment. They tend to walk a fine line, having great passion and enthusiasm for one’s loves in life is good, but watch out! Passion can burn you up and consume you, leaving nothing but a charred husk of your former self. Pyromancers use Incantations to dominate and convince Fire creatures to do their bidding.

Fire Magic traces its origins back to the fierce Fire Dragons, the race of Titans that ruled the land in the Days Before. Pyromancers also have attack spells that linger, damaging their foe again and again.


The School of Ice

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School Wizards Teacher Plus Minus Colors Stone Tree
Ice Thaumaturges Lydia Greyrose Highest health, best defence Weakest attacks Light Blue and White Sapphire Kelven

Famous Thaumaturges

Winston Churchhill
Santa Claus

“… with Persistence, Victory is assured.”

Ice Magic is all about persistence, slow but steady progression and advancement, like the great glaciers forever sliding across the landscape. Those who embrace the power of Ice, known as Thaumaturges, exhibit great patience and strength, but as a result they sometimes become rigid and inflexible. Thaumaturges use Chants to bargain or plead with Ice creatures to serve them.

Ice Magic has its origins in the great Ice Giants, a race of Titans that built massive castles in the sky in the Days Before. Thaumaturges can take alot of damage, but are weaker when attacking.


The School of Storm

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School Wizards Teacher Plus Minus Colors Stone Tree
Storm Diviners Halston Balestrom Best attacks Lowest health and lowest accuracy Purple and Yellow Amethyst Torrence

Famous Diviners

Benjamin Franklin

“That which can be imagined, can be achieved.”

Storm Magic is all about creativity. It represents that flash of insight, or the spark of inspiration that makes you yell, "Eureka!" It is about the pleasure of catching lightning in a bottle. Wizards that embrace the School of Storms, known as Diviners, are driven by the thrill of investigation and discovery, the joys of invention and ingenuity, the power of creating and building. The drawback to such pursuits is the tendency to get lost in the maze of thoughts and being paralyzed to make a decision. Diviners use Verses to charm, enthrall or hypnotize creatures to help them.

Storm Magic has roots in the power of the majestic Storm Lords, the race of Titans that ruled the seas in the Days Before. Diviners are capable of devistating attacks, but have weaker defenses.


The School of Myth

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School Wizards Teacher Plus Minus Colors Stone Tree
Myth Conjurers Cyrus Drake The most minions Two attacks per card Yellow and Royal Blue Peridot Ivan

Famous Conjurers

Abraham Lincoln

“To control the Future, one must look to the Past.”

Myth is imagination. The power of the mind, and everything it can create, drives Myth Magic. It is illusion and dreams made real. If the Wizard can conceive it, it can be brought forth and even brought to life. Beware, though, for when imagination becomes too fanciful and whimsical, dreams can escape control and run wild. Wizards of the Myth School, known as Conjurers, use Naming to summon beasts of legend by memorizing and calling out their True Name.

Myth dwells between Fire and Ice, for that is where the shadows lie, and Myths are the shadowy forms of thought made real. Conjurers often fight alone, summoning minions to aid them in battle.


The School of Life

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School Wizards Teacher Plus Minus Colors Stone Tree
Life Theurges Moolinda Wu Best healing spells Worst attacks Green and Brown Jade Blossom

Famous Theurgists

Thomas Jefferson
Leonardo DaVinci

"As we have been Created, so must we Create."

Life is spirit, the force of awareness and existence. It is about constant growth and movement. Practitioners of Life Magic, known as Theurgists, are positive, enthusiastic people who seek to appreciate the simple pleasures. At times, however, they can be too flighty or frivolous when circumstances demand otherwise. Theurgists use Songs to breathe life and spirit into a vessel. Unlike other magic, which relies on summoning, coercing or beseeching, Life Magic harnesses the power of the Song of Creation to create something new. Scholars believe that Theurgy channels the tapestry of music from which the Spiral was created, and that in echoing portions of the great symphony, a Wizard can bring forth and create Life where none previously existed.

Life Magic rests between Fire and Storms, for the spark of Life comes from those two forces.Theurgists are good at healing themselves and others.


The School of Death

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School Wizards Teacher Plus Minus Colors Stone Tree
Death Necromancers Dworgyn Damage and Heal per attack No bubble Black and White Onyx Mortis

Famous Necromancers

Dr. Frankenstein

“Timor mortis conturbat me.” (The Fear of Death Confounds Me)

Death is about ending and closure. All things pass eventually, and time cannot be held back forever. Wizards devoted to Death Magic, known as Necromancers, understand this fact about everything around them and strive to face it without fear. They try to make the most of their time. Beware, though; some Wizards become morbid or try to cheat death through undeath. Necromancers use Whispers to strengthen their will, and draw on the power of courage to channel their own fears out of themselves and at their opponents.

Death Magic sits between Ice and Storms, for the cold energy of undeath draws on those two forces. Necromancers use drains, taking strength from enemies and healing themselves.


The School of Balance

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School Wizards Teacher Plus Minus Colors Stone Tree
Balance Sorcerers Alhazred A little bit of everything No shields Tan and Maroon Citrine Niles

Famous Sorcerers


“Eye of Newt, and Toe of Frog, Wool of Bat, and Tongue of Dog.”

The Magic of Balance is harmony and finding equality in all things. It draws on elements from each of the other schools, incorporating bits and pieces of those other energies to fill in the spaces between the Schools. Wizards who focus on Balance Magic, known as Sorcerers, are broad-minded. In their minds, all things deserve consideration, and there may be many answers to a single question. The drawback to this point of view, is a tendency to seem impassive or indecisive and never willing to embrace a side or position. Sorcerers use Transmutation to blend the forces of the other schools for their spells.

Sorcery does not draw upon internal aspects of the caster, nor does it rely on external forces. Instead, it is the creation of something new by combining elements in unique and powerful ways. Sorcerersare great at adjusting the rules in combat.

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