Long ago, the ill-fated schooner Pequod fell prey to a terror of the skies, a great Leviathan the likes of which has never been seen since. During the terrifying chase, the cunning captain of the Pequod tried to escape the creature by skirting a back of jagged stones. His tactic failed, yet worked: the Leviathan sprang at the ship and caught it, but crashed into the rocks and died. Its bones cover the rocky isle to this day, and a ramshackle town has risen in the shadow of its mighty ribs. Over the years the inhabitants have carved countless tiny pictures or messages into the bones - their work gives the town its name: Scrimshaw.

Scrimshaw is the most infamous port in Skull Island, a lawless warren where only the bold walk alone. The Wharf Rats rule Skull Island, and have turned it into a wretched hive overrun by their criminal gangs, where dirty deeds are easily done and questions never asked. In recent months rumors abound that something's up in Scrimshaw - the Rat gangs may finally be uniting under a new leader. If this is true, it's bad news for everybody in Skull island.


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