Tavern List

Dining Hall Monquista Tierra Primata Skyway Bonobo Abbey ( often over-looked )
Gallo Loco Cantina Cool Ranch Santa Pollo Skyway Santo Pollo
Golden Fin Tavern Skull Island Skull Island Skyway Jonah Town
Hole in the Wall Skull Island Tradewinds Skyway Scrimshaw
Subata Temple Teahouse Mooshu Subata Skyway Subata Temple
Sujimura Village Teahouse Mooshu Khotan Skyway Sujimura Village at Kita Dock
The Black Spot Skull Island Flotsam Skyway Flotsam
The Desert Rose Cool Ranch Tumbleweed Skyway Tumbleweed
The Hope and Anchor Skull Island Port Regal Skyway Port Regal
The Kraken Skulls Tavern Skull Island Skull Island Skyway Skull Island
The Silver Spur Cool Ranch Cooper's Roost Skyway Cooper's Roost
Zhu Ro's Teahouse Mooshu Hamamitsu Skyway Hamamitsu Garden
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