"History of Magic" books locations
1.Unicorn way,Lady Blackhope's room-History of Life magic.
2.Cylcops Lane,General Akillies's room-History of Myth magic.
3.Triton Avenue,Harvest Lord's room-History of Storm magic.
4.Firecat Alley,Prince Allicane Swiftarrow's room-History of Fire magic.
5.Colossus Boulevard,Prince Gobblestone's room-History of Ice magic.
6.Haunted Cave,Lord Nightshade's room-History of Death magic.

For the 1st book,complete Unicorn Way,an Olde Town guard tells you to defeat Lady Blackhope,then you can access the next 3 streets,then finish all the quests in each street and defeat the bosses one by one(Including the Storm Kraken),then go to the Headmaster and he will give you access to the last street,finish those quests,defeat the boss,(You'll be asked to defeat 2 other bosses on the street,then asked to defeat the main boss again,then you'll be done!)then go back to the Headmaster and you'll have to defeat Foulgaze in Olde Town,then go after Lord Nightshade in Stormdrain Tower in the Haunted Cave.

"Smith" locations
Ravenwood Smith-By that bench near the Myth School and also near that gap where the Death School used to be.
Commons Smith-Fairsgrounds.
Golem Court Smith-Look behind the Golem tower near Dragon's Mouth Cave.
Shopping District Smith-When you first enter,take a right and then go through a narrow opening between some plants and a non-accessible building,then continue walking until you find another tree.
Olde Town Smith-Look to a side of the building behind Gloria Krendell.
Unicorn Way Smith-Look near the entrance to the Hedge Maze.
Cylcops Lane Smith-Look in the park where Nolan Stormgate and 2 Wizard City guards are located.
Triton Avenue Smith-Look in the non-enemy area with waterfalls and portals.
Firecat Alley Smith-Look near Fireglobe theater.(aka the place Prince Allicane Swiftarrow lives in)
Colossus Boulevard Smith-Look near the Gobbler Palace.

"Beetle" locations
The Oasis Beetles-By the library and behind the Robe and Deck shop.
Altar of Kings-Near the blocked entrance down the stairs.
Chamber of Fire Beetle-3 ramps up Assistant Danforth.
Krokosphinx Island Beetle-By the Giant Sphinx.
Entrance Hall Beetle-Go up stairs near the Vault entrance and look to the right of the ramp.
Emperor's Retreat Beetle-Look on that wooden plank in the Frozen Lake.
Tomb of Storms-Turn around and look behind the portal sphinx you just came out of.
Well of Spirits Beetle-Climb up the stairs near the D'jeserit Family Tomb,then turn left and look behind the giant krok statue.
Karanahn Barracks Beetle-Look by the door of the non-accessible building to the far corner of the non-battle area.

"Stray Cat" locations
Regent's Square cat-Near Scotland building.
Digmoore Station cat-Near the elevator to go back to Regent's Square.
Hyde Park cat-Near the greenhouse where you get ambushed.
Chelsea Court cat-Near the Chelsea Court tower you find Baxter in.
Ironworks cat-Go up the stairs behind Pops O' leary,and you will find it.
Scotland Yard Roof cat-Look near the entrance to Knight's Court.
Newgate Prison cat-Look around where the prison ends.
Knight's Court cat-Near Doctor Xavior Xandros's/Jacques the Scratcher's tower.
Katzenstein's Lab cat-Look to the right when you enter his Lab.
Big Ben-They're on the floor after the Silver Chests.

"History of Marleybone" book locations
Hyde Park-Ancient Marleybone-Where you find Baxter and have to fight the Gearhead Destroyer.
Chelsea Court-Theories of Marleybone-Where you fight Potbelly.
Ironworks-Rebirth of Marleybone-Where you fight Pops O' leary.
Newgate Prison-The Golden Age-Where you fight the Agony Wraith.
Knight's Court-The Spiral-Where you fight Doctor Xavior Xandros's/Jacques the Scratcher.
Katzenstein's Lab-Modern Marleybone-Where the charging lever in his lab is.
Big Ben-Marleybone Civil War-Where you fight Meowiarty,Mechanical Healer,and the Agony Wraith.

"Blue Oyster" Locations
Jade Palace-In front of the tree in the middle of the water garden,and next to the pink tree in the rock garden.
Hametsu Village-Look near the opening to the rest of the street.
Tatakai Outpost-Look behind the well next to Maito's Dojo.
Shoshun Village-There will be 4 Pagotas surrounding the river,look behind the 1st one to your left.
Kishibe Village-Look behind the well near Mossback.
Shirataki Temple-Near where the Wavebringer is.
Yoshihito Temple-In between 2 small monuments on the ground level.
Village of Sorrow-Look near the old building to the right of the Town Dojo.
Tree of Life-Near the Tree of Life's surrounding walls, on the inside. Stand in front of the tree, facing away from it. Opposite the side Yishin Chen is standing. Run ahead till you hit the wall and look down.

"History of MooShu" book locations
Hametsu Village-Volume 1-Do-Daga's room.
Crimson Fields-Volume 3-War Oni's room.
Kishibe Village-Volume 4-In the Shrine of the Spirit(s).
Shirataki Temple-Volume 5-Plague Oni's room.
Village of Sorrow-Volume 6-Fushiko's room.
Tree of Life-Volume 7-Look near the Death Oni in the Spirit World.
Jade Palace-Volume 8-In the Emperor's Throne Room.

"Stone Rose" locations
The Basilica-Behind the Spiral Door.
The Atheneum-Go past the library and shop (the first two buildings on the right), go around back and look at the outer wall of the library in between the shop and library.
The Tower Archives-Look for adjacent 2 buildings below a stairway. Go down the stairs, go straight, then at the wall turn left and the rose should be in the space between the wall of a building and another wall.
The Grand Chasm-In the Grand Chasm Past instance look to the right side of the hallway.
The Necropolis-Go down a ramp and look behind spikes to your right near the Drake Hatchery entrance.
The Labyrinth-Look in a corner around the tower on the map that's near Gallium Paladin.
Dragonspyre Academy-Near the young Battledrake, look for a narrow passageway in front of it to the left side.
The Crystal Grove-In the lower crystal field look for an enclosed space where you'd find crystal samples for a quest.
Dragon Claw Canyon-When you enter go through the left passage and into a corner.
Dragon's Roost-Look on the rocks in the Crown of Fire near where the gap is in Malistaire's Lair.

"History of Dragonspyre" book locations

The Tower Archives-Look in Zarathax's Tower.
Plaza of Conquests-Look in General Greystone's tower.
The Grand Chasm-Look in Flamebringer's Tower.
The Drake Hatchery-Look in Giant Homunculus Tower.
The Labyrinth-Look in In Property Master's Tower.
The Crystal Grove-Look in In Chronius's Tower.
The Great Spyre-In the Path of Scales,where the Lavalings are.

"Yard Birds" locations
Northguard-Go past Bjorn Ironclaws onto the ledge made out of wooden logs. The yard bird will be at the end.
Savarstaad Pass-Behind the old tree stump and behind the main boar hut in their camp.
Vigrid Roughland-On a cliff above the three caves near the upper part of the map and near one of the berry bushes.
Mirkholm Keep-In the middle circular enclosed area in the caves and in the right part of the Wolf Fortess.
Helgrind Warren-In one of the element rooms.
Ravenscar-In the "beak" of the upper caves area and just outside the door you go through to fight the Coven.

"History of Grizzleheim" book locations
Northguard-In the King's cabin.
Savarstaad Pass-In Skellek's cabin.
Frostholm-In Ivar Andersson's cabin.
Mirkholm Keep-In the Wolf Palace.
Winterdeep Warren-Near the end of the maze. You'll have to go back in to get this.
Hall of Valor-Near the place where you fight Jotun.
Ravenscar-In the Coven's fortress.

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